Toby Doom 7.0 Launcher

submitted by Storm

Those of you that have installed Toby Doom through Linux Game Manager have a good menu already for accessing all the games as well as hosting or joining death matches. For people on Windows, however, there are some included batch files for launching the game. This works well for just playing the games, but not so much for hosting or joining. I have created a script, using AutoHotkey, that is somewhat similar to the Linux menu. If you would like to try it, it is available from Extract it into the Toby Doom folder, and press enter on the Accessible_Doom.exe.

I don't do much coding on Windows, and this is my first experience with AutoHotkey, so I'm sure someone else could improve upon this. One thing that is missing is the text to speech available in the Linux Game manager version. It covers things like radio transmissions, who scored the last kill, etc.

If you give it a try, I hope you enjoy. Have fun blasting your friends, and maybe a few zombies/hell knights into oblivion.

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