K3S over tailscale

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Hey everyone, my friend and I are wanting to learn kubernetes and we wanted to set up K3S, the problem being we are in two different physical locations.

What we would like to do is setup K3S to operate over tailscale but are running into issues with it.

I am currently at work and can post error logs later but I was just wondering if anyone had any guides they could point me to?



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Install tailscale and k3s on the master node and worker nodes. I have a setup like this and it works well. I have nodes in different physical locations from the master node, it works fine.

Sandbag [OP]

Do you have a guide or any documentation to help me and my buddy out, like I said I can post logs later if that would be helpful?


Other than k3s.io’s documentation and tailscale’s documentation, I don’t have any to share, but I don’t mind answering questions if you are stuck.

https://docs.k3s.io/installation https://tailscale.com/kb/1017/install

Sandbag [OP]

I will also mention that we are setting this up with x86_64 architectures and arm if that matters.

Should probably move that info to the main post.


I have mixed architecture cluster as well. It works great as long as you set your manifests up properly and either use public images that support both or you build your own, or you set up node affinity to ensure the architecture-specific pod runs only on the node with the correct architecture.