Recommendations for a bug tracker/forum?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for bug trackers with a forum feature? Basically something where users can report issues, request features, and ask questions, all about a specific service. Preferably, I’d like something that integrates with GitHub issues, but that’s not a requirement. Also I’d like something like a public roadmap or project tracker.

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umami_wasabi , edited


Haven't use it personally tho


have used it, and its great. maybe it's a bit oldschool on first sight, but its a great, customizable project.

hperrin [OP]

This looks pretty promising. It has everything I need. Thanks!


Another department of my company uses it as their support/ticket portal.


Take a look on Forgejo:

Can be self hosted and works quite well.


GitHub repositories can also have "Discussions" which are separate from issues. There's also a project concept on GitHub. I think you could just use what GitHub already has built in.

hperrin [OP]

Unfortunately, it’s for a private repository, so I can’t use GitHub.


Then use a dummy public repo. You don't get the nice integration. We used Mantis Bugtracker at work for quite some time but switched to Gitea (a selfhosted Github clone) and are trying to get our testers to use it more.

Also you should keep one thing in mind: needing an additional account, might stop people to use it. With Github I contribute for even smaller ideas. When I need to make an account first, I wont do it. Or when they want to use Discord. I do have Discord but come on...


+1 for github, ive used the project and discussion features before and they integrate nicely. You can join it all together with pull requests as well.