Everyone's first experience with Linux

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I just thought it was funny. And i hope to see a new version of this someday.

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dumpster_dove [he/him]

First distro: Arch

Flying real close to the sun there

Hatch [OP]

Lol i cracked up when i saw that too. Slackware user myself. Though i do dabble in mint, arch, artix and netbsd


How's Slackware these days? I remember back in the nineties and aughts it was basically Linux from Scratch.

Hatch [OP]

Its still going strong.

Though there are a lot more tools.

Still sysinit system and as reliable as ever on its stability.

New things are stuff such as -sbopkg(can deploy slackbuilds a lot faster as it will sync, custom the slackbuilds scripts if you want, build and install applications[though you still have to install depenencies in there proper order])

  • Sboui gui style package management tool that will work with sbopkg and take care of the dependecy resolution for the applications you want to install(includes previous mentioned details of sbopkg)

I can say even on me when i was new to using it, slackware is forgiving if you make mistakes.

Alien bob still making modern packages to use as an alternative package resource if you want stuff like vlc, libreoffice and such that do not come with the default package resource.


If you have headphones on make sure to turn the volume down before playing this video.


Isn't it beautiful that when someone try Mac and some Windows software is not available the reaction is "oh well", but on Linux they try very hard and immediately reach for tutorials trying to install it?

Hatch [OP]

Lol I have been guillty of this when i first jumped over. The only answer was to VM and thats still not the solution for every application

lemmyvore , edited

Wait so it's just 30s of which half is that obnoxious music and the other is literally "I can't install Photoshop"?