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I want to share some images securely with self destruct. Is there any alternatives can do what does excluding chat?

So the functions I'm looking for: - Self-expiring image - Copy protection - Store in RAM - (optional) watermarking - (optional) share more types of documents like PDF

Thanks in advance.

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I don't know of any existing project, but this sounds pretty trivial to make with Python using http.server and PIL modules.

Upload file and store in RAM. Delete after first fetch. Optional watermarking for image files using PIL.

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Does send meet what you need?

I remember using it for the self expiring feature. It also is built to use e2e so the sever only handles encrypted data.
I am not sure on the others though.

umami_wasabi [OP]

The most important is actually the copy protection. I don't want the viewer can download the file easily.


DRM will always be a difficult on untrusted devices. I think signal has some options to restrict it


Does not have all the features you listed, but I used Rustypaste in the past for sharing all kind of things and was quite happy with it.