Bluetooth issues on Bazzite OS

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Hi, I've been having issues with my network adapter on Bazzite OS. Both WIFI and Bluetooth do not work, and the the utility nmcli device confirms this. I used lspci to find my network controller, which is a `MEDIATEK Corp. MT7922 802.11ax PCI Express Wireless Network Adapter. I'm unsure how to proceed further. Thanks.

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Skull giver

This chipset has some known issues. As a sibling comment says, you need at least Linux 5.17 or it won't work.

I don't know how Bazzite works, however, for many distros, later kernels had some regressions. There's a guide for Debian and some other distros which manually places the firmware files in the right place.

I think Bazzite is based on Fedora, so maybe this comment is more applicable to you.

Either way, I think your next step should probably be verifying that your kernel is recent enough (and upgrading it if necessary), and then verifying that the necessary firmware files are up to date and in the right places.

QuandaleDingle [OP]

I found that my kernel is 6.7. I followed along with the guide and placed the firmware files in the correct location. It doesn't work. I'll rebase to Kinoite for now, it has worked for me before. Thanks.

baseless_discourse , edited

I think you want to rebase to silverblue/kinoite can confirm this still happens. It only take one command and one reboot, it is guaranteed to not break your system.

If not, you want to file a bug with Bazzite. Either way, you will need to get a dongle or find a new distro if you want to make things work right now. I think for beginners, fedora workstation, nobara, and pop_os could be good for gaming. nobara has most of the gaming stuff pre-installed, if you are into that.

I am not surprised Bazzit would break some hardware, since their image is heavily modified, and probably should be a distro, not a image.

Personally, I don't feel like atomic (immutable) distro is a great "first linux experience" yet, I have encountered several bugs with rpm-ostree, and there are not as much resources online. But I think it could be a great choice for your second/third distro-hops, when people are comfortable debugging and administrating their own systems.

QuandaleDingle [OP]

I'll give it a shot. Thanks for your help. :)


Try running uname -r to see if your kernel version is below 5.17. This card only got support after that version.

QuandaleDingle [OP]

My kernel version is 6.7. I guess it's a Bazzite problem.

danielintempesta , edited

If you want Fedora Atomic with KDE, install Kinoite and test it (bazzite is experimental).

Otherwise, install Pop_os! (Another gaming distro)

Or buy a bluetooth adapter (10€)

QuandaleDingle [OP]

Thanks, I already knew about Kinoite, just doing some distrohopping. Guess I have to pick whats best for me. :)

QuandaleDingle [OP]

Hey everyone! I solved the problem! After a few hours of searching, I found that all I had to do was shut off my pc and then hold the power button for 30 seconds. Rebooted, and now it works. I feel stupid. XD

Sentau , edited

This is not a fix though. This is some sleep related issue that even I faced in my laptop for the mt7922 wifi card. Ensure that fast boot is disabled in the bios. Also all the kernels since 6.2(I think¿?) have patched this issue so you should not be facing this issue now. I no longer face it.

Edit : though in my case, it was only WiFi which was not working because the mt7922 kernel module was failing to load at startup. If this issue occurs again, post the output of journalctl so we can see what the exact issue is.

QuandaleDingle [OP]

Ok, will do. Strange this is happening.