How can I enable DNS over TLS on openSUSE MicroOS with KDE?

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Not at all the point of this question, but I showed this title to some friends and had them guess what the acronyms meant because. Its always fun to say phrases that 99% of the population can't even begin to understand.


I'm certainly no expert in this area, but I believe this is configured in the browser itself?

Perhaps there's another way to do it system-wide, but I wouldn't know it.

King [OP]

This refers to DNS over HTTPS. However, I am inquiring about DNS over TLS


Have you tried this?

King [OP]

It does not work with opensuse MicroOS.


I am interested in this as well! Two thoughts would be running systemd-resolved or configured coredns to point to an external TLS DNS server in an container and change NetworkManager configuration to point to that service.

I think you use ignition to change system configs like NetworkManager but I don't really know! Just digging into microos myself.