Bounty: Logitech G13 Gaming Keyboard Kernel Driver and UI

submitted by Swaziboy edited

Hey folks, throwing this out for ideas. I have - like many FOSS users from what I have researched - a Logitech G13 gaming keyboard. I love this thing - it's awesome, however it doesn't work in Linux.

There have been a few attempts in the past to make it work with a user-space driver, here and here. I can't even get those to compile and run on a modern Fedora instance. That's more a statement about me than anything else I think.

All said, I would like to set up a bounty to crowdfund the creation of a Kernel driver that can get submitted, as well as a GUI/CLI configuration app.

The thing is, I have no idea where to start except here! (The logitech community is empty) So, throw your ideas down, and shout-out if you're a G13 owner too!

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I use a user space driver I found:

I don't remember what I had to do to get it to compile, but I think it was mostly just figuring out the dependencies for Fedora. I use this on an up-to-date Fadora machine and it works great. There's no GUI, but it's easy enough to make profiles and load them via CLI.


Is the g15 somewhat similar to the g15? Because I use the latter on pop_os and it works flawlessly with g15stats