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I’ve built a pretty functional web-based video editor that helps you generate FFmpeg commands in a visual, node-based environment. The tool lets you play around with most (but not all) FFmpeg filters, render videos in the browser (!), import your own files and/or work with demo videos, export gifs and mp4s, and it comes with a few built-in examples of the many fun things one can do with FFmpeg.

Source: https://lav.io/notes/ffmpeg-explorer/

Code: https://github.com/antiboredom/ffmpeg-explorer


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I was just listening to a podcast recently where one of the (tech illiterate) hosts somehow stumbled upon ffmpeg and went direct to ChatGPT to get instructions on how to use it. They said after a bunch of time plugging different commands into the terminal they realized ChatGPT's output was just close enough to look right but was ultimately "complete gibberish" compared to the actual commands they found via some other resource.

I've already stumbled upon a few different help posts on various Linux-related forums where people have messed something up after following ChatGPT. I don't doubt that it can sometimes come up with useful output, but it's a real roll of the dice.

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I am afraid that the need to understand how tools work will never go out of fashion. Not everyone's horizons are limited to one-time quick & dirty solutions.

chatgpt makes it ... go, amirite?


This is extremely helpful!! The filters are arcane and it really helped me out with something :D


don't have any idea what i'm doing to the video but i'm watching it over and over again, worth it.


I love you 😘


This is awesome!