Support: No Sound on internal subwoofer (LFE) Linux Mint

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Hi al, I just did a fresh install of linux mint and I don't have any audio on my internal subwoofers. Dell XPS 9500. I made a post about it on the linux mint forums, which contains more info and "progress" but no luck so far.

I have already found and set my subwoofers to the internal speakers LFE via HDAJackRetask now I need to have them actually get a signal. I hope one of you amazing peeps is able to help me.

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I had a similar problem with a DELL laptop that used to be a Chromebook (and I later installed Debian): no audio out of the speakers, OR if there was audio, it was in slow motion. I installed a gazillion of Debian distros, and nothing worked, except the Ubuntu-based ones, that DID work. Basically, it was a either a bug or missing feature on the older kernels that Debian-based distros used (ubuntu uses newer kernels). I had tried everything, and I mean, everything. Every alsa, pulse or pipewire trick, and nothing had worked, because ultimately, it was a kernel support issue. When Debian upgraded to kernel 6.1 recently, the issue was fixed by itself (well, 90% of the way, not completely). So if you're not seeing any progress despite all the things you tried, it's probably a kernel support issue, and you might have to wait for the next few kernels down the line to see fixes for it. Sometimes, it's how it goes.


I did try using a live boot of fedora a few months ago (kernel 6+) but it didn't work there


If multiple distro families don't work, might be a case of the hardware not being supported yet.


I know it has been fixed in a kernel patch for the other 95x0 models and should be ready in some 6+ kernels but I'm not sure for the 9500


Are you using Jack? You could try pipewire as an alternative, it helped me greatly in getting my rodecaster duo set up


I've already switched to pipe wire, didn't change a thing for me unfortunately.

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Take a look at the GitHub issue, seems to be in the works and a patch seems to be already available.

(I did only search the web for like 5 minutes, I don't have any clue about the subject)

Found the link above in this archlinux forum post

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Reddit: that's the answer though, turn the speaker on using that. Downvoting me won't make it not the answer.