Install user-level flatpaks with GNOME Software?

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Does anyone know if there are plans underway to allow user-level flatpak installations using GNOME Software?

I recently created a second user account on my main Silverblue workstation for a visiting family member. I assumed the user would be able to install any local apps they needed through the Software store, however Software attempts to install all apps as system-wide, which of course required me to input my own credentials for authentication. This seems counterintuitive to the overall goals of the flatpak platform.

I know we can simply install userspace apps on the command line with --user, however the family member isn't as proficient with Linux.

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Add the user to the flatpak group to avoid needing wheel.

Otherwise, use my list of flatpak repos for help.

I keep it updated as I think there is nothing like that.

Baut auf. she/her

As far as I understand this issue, removing the current remote and then adding it back as normal user should work?

thayer [OP]

Thanks for the link. I'll play around with the remotes and add some feedback to the ticket.

If I can set the user remotes on behalf of other users in advance, that should suffice for now. Otherwise, if each user has to know how to add their own remote in order for it to take priority, that's a real pain point.

Bruno Finger

I've been doing some flatpak packaging last month following the Flathub tutorial, and somehow in my gnome software now I have the option to install flatpaks as user in the drop-down. Something about the remotes that I needed to change to test the flatpak files I generated.

thayer [OP]

Good to know it's possible! I'm going to play around with the remote configs and see if I can accomplish the same for any future user accounts.

I use flatpaks for almost everything now, but I admit I haven't spent much time on their backend management aside from flatseal.