I like it when you don’t even need to click the search result to get the answer


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I like it when you don’t even need to click the search result to get the answer

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Krafty Kactus

Why are people downvoting? This is obviously a joke, right?


Maybe, but I don't think anyone here would joke that Red Hat is the best distro.


'Best for what?' is the issue with this never-ending pointless discussion.

RHEL is a fantastic distro... For some things. It's also a horrible distro... For other things.

AbouBenAdhem , edited

“I like it when companies game search engines by titling their promotional pages to mimic search query results.”


This specific page is from their basic learning topics, another page is “What is the Linux kernel?” but it wouldn’t look as funny. The page title makes sense in context, and they do not say Red Hat is the best for everyone or every use case, although there is an obvious bias for enterprise. They also include a list of other distributions people might consider, including commercial competitors.

föderal umdrehen

Not to be overly cynical, but including competitors can make sense from an SEO perspective, because it means people may find your site while searching for a competing distro.


Looks like DDG appends “ - Red Hat” to search results under technology topics on RH’s website. Never noticed that, funny.


"Suggestion #3 will shock you!"

Even RedHat is doing the clickbait thing now. Pitiful.