Introducing BlueBuild | custom image tooling for image-based distros

submitted by Throwaway1234

Per a mutual decision, Universal Blue’s old custom image tooling has now been transferred to the BlueBuild org and development will be continuing under the BlueBuild project with basically the same team of maintainers and developers as before. The issue was discussed extensively in ublue-os/startingpoint#223 and eventually voted for in ublue-os/main#476.

We’ve been working on BlueBuild for a month now to provide you a smooth migration and exciting new features, so don’t worry, this change is positive.

To briefly summarize, this desire to split stemmed from a difference in philosophy and scope between the main Universal Blue maintainers and the developers of ‘startingpoint’. Since most of the Universal Blue project’s build systems use classic cloud methodologies like Containerfiles and GitHub Actions directly to build their images, the abstraction introduced with recipes in ‘startingpoint’ might have seemed unnecessary. Additionally, I felt that as a subproject of Universal Blue, this project couldn’t really achieve its full potential.


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