(Almost Solved?) Firefox flatpak started taking 3+ minutes to start?

submitted by somethingsomethingidk


I turned off my wifi card, and now it launches immediately. Of course, what is a browser with no internet. But I guess there's something about the network I moved to thats causing the delay. I'll try a different network tomorrow and update for science

OG post: This applies to librewolf and firefox flatpaks. Just to preface, I've been using these flatpaks for years and never experienced anything like this.

This morning I did my business as normal with no issues. I usually open and close firefox alot and it takes maybe 10-30 seconds to start.

Then I shutdown for awhile. Came back and fired up firefox... nothing happened. The process is not using any cpu, it just sits. I kill the process and try again nothing changes. After 3-5 minutes, the window finally pops up.

My system installation of firefox works fine. So does the flatpaks for qutebrowser and tor browser. I ran flatpak repair and reinstalled them. Nothing has changed.

I didn't make any changes to my system. There were no significant updates. I have no idea why this started.

If anybody has any tips on troubleshooting this, I would appreciate it.

Btw I'm on fedora39, and I've tested this on sway, gnome, hyprland, and gnome on xorg.

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