Massive battery life improvements on AMD over the past year

submitted by supermair

AMD has been on a roll over the past year making significant strides in power management across the Linux stack.

Most of this work is centered around support for p-state.

To take advantage you should run a newer Linux kernel. Here are some of the improvements from each recent release:

Use power-profiles-daemon 0.20+ which sets the appropriate p-state driver based on the selected battery profile.

Upcoming changes: - More kernel improvements - Firmware and kernel module updates (distro dependendent; e.g. Debian)

Kudos to AMD principal engineer Mario Limonciello for driving these changes across the board!

This is one advantage of increased competition (e.g. from the Apple M series); the entire ecosystem is pushed forward.

I am personally benefiting immensely from these improvements on my new Thinkpad t14s with AMD 7840U (battery life going from 4-5 hours to easily 10+ hours).

Finally we don't have to settle anymore for underwhelming battery life on Linux laptops :)

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