I finally installed Linux, but I'm having a mixed experience

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Hello I'm Doctor_Rex after 2 posts asking multiple questions I have finally installed Fedora KDE 39 on my desktop.

Previous Posts:

I'm ready to install Linux, but I'd like your opinion first

My Windows 10 install broke, but I'm hesitant to switch to Linux.

I would show you an image of my neofetch but lemmy won't let me place it due to file size so ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

I would have installed it sooner but due to poor decisions I made when making this PC I had to wait for a Linux compatible WiFi card to arrived.

My experience with Fedora KDE:

*I've been using Fedora for about 2 days now and, to a degree, it's working just fine, KDE is slick and is easy to customize. Fedora itself works just fine and it's discover store works well enough. That said I need some extra help before I fully dedicate myself to daily driving Fedora.*

I'd just like to clarify that I love Linux, I love owing my computer, and I love having so much control over it, and I am completely ready to get my hands dirty in order to make it work, to an extent, as more that anything I want a working computer. I'd also like to clarify that I'm sticking to Fedora KDE 39 and am not looking for suggestions.


Can I partition /home directory in a different drive and still fuction?

I own one 500GiB nvme ssd, which is where I want to place my root, boot, var, etc, and I have one 1000GiB(1TiB) sata ssd which is where I would like to place my /home directory. I was originally going to do this but I decided to ignore my 1000GiB drive for now just to test Fedora. Would there be any unforseen complications with this set up?

Transferring /home directory without reinstalling Linux?

After running low on storage space on Windows 10 I have considered upgrading to a larger drive, 2-4 TiB. With my switch to Linux I'd like to know if there is an easy way to take all my files from my previous drive into the new one with all the correct paths configured, without reinstalling Linux?

Best way to partition my / and /home directories?

I'm not asking about btrfs or anything like that, I simply want to know, how to best partition my system. I've read and seen multiple tutorials about partitioning systems but many of them add other stuff like partitioning /var and /boot, and adding some unformatted space. I simply want to seperate my / and /home without anything extra. How would I best go about that?

Fedora KDE refresh rate seems broken?

I've been running Wayland with my NVIDIA GTX 1660 with the Nouveau drivers, I have a 1440p 165hz monitor. Whenever I try to raise my refresh rate in settings above 75hz a giant black box appears at the top of the screen. This problem seems to persist on X11(or maybe I didn't switch correctly). To me this is a very big issue as I'd like to take full advantage of my hardware, and it also simply makes the system as a whole feel sluggish. Is this a problem I can solve or am I just doomed?

Downloading NVIDIA drivers on Fedora KDE?

I asked this question before in a previous post but it seems that all the answers that were given were for Fedora Workstation(GNOME). *Considering the rumors that GNOME might completely remove the X11 session I'd very much like to avoid switching(I want to have plenty of options).* How would I go about downloading, installing, and potentially managing the proprietary NVIDIA drivers on Fedora KDE? I've searched for an answer to this question but never found a concrete answer.

If you responded to my questions then, Thank You.

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