Anti-Flag Announce Break Up Following Possible Rape Accusations Against Frontman

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Copied from the article:

Anti-Flag have broken up. Last night, the the long-running political punk band announced on Patreon that they had disbanded. The breakup is sudden. The band was on tour in Europe and they were scheduled to play in Prague with the Dropkick Murphys tomorrow night. The announcement includes very little context. Here it is, in full:

Anti-Flag has disbanded. the patreon has been switched into a mode where it will no longer charge the monthly fee. I will begin to process refunds to all patrons in the coming weeks. once all refunds are processed the patreon page will also be removed.

The band’s website and their social-media pages have all been removed. This leaves a lot of questions unanswered. On Reddit, fans pointed out a podcast episode that went live yesterday. On the latest episode of Enough, a podcast dedicated to sexual assault in the music business, a woman tells a story about being raped by the singer in a political punk band. She never names the band or the singer, but it’s hard to hear that story without connecting dots. The story is extremely upsetting, both in its details and in the sense of betrayal that surrounds it. You can hear it here.

Justin Geever, who goes by the stage name Justin Sane, started the first version of Anti-Flag in Pittsburgh in 1988. The band released their demo in 1992 and their debut album Die For The Government in 1996. Over the decades, Anti-Flag became hugely popular, moving to Fat Wreck Chords and then to RCA in the mid-’00s. The band has remained active in recent years, and they released their most recent album Lies They Tell Our Children earlier this year. For their entire lifespan, Anti-Flag have pushed left-wing principles and political causes.>>

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