[solved] cannot Boot Debian from USB

submitted by birdcat

I'd like to install/run Kicksecure from my "EAGET USB 3.2 Solid State Pen Drive" as described here. (Im not set on Kicksecure, just read about it on privacyguides; open for suggestions! I just want something ... well secure and easy to use.

... However, my Windows PC does not recognize the USB with Debian as a bootable medium.

What I did: 1. Download debian-live-12.5.0-amd64-xfce 2. Flash it to USB with balenaEtcher 3. Try to boot from it in all possible ways

I also tried other Linux distributions like Mint and Ubuntu ... nothing gets recognized on that USB, expect Tails. After it recognizes it as UEFI OS and I select Harddisk Mode.

Tails is amazing, love it! But I just don't really need Tor, and mostly I need to use an App that will simply not connect via the Tor network and cannot be configured to do so.

Thank you very much 😊

Edit: Not everything can boot on windows I guess. But in my case Ubuntu suddenly could after turning off the PC and remove it from its power source.

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