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Self-hosted bandcamp

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Ouch. I know Bandcamp isn't owned by its founders anymore, and the new owners in theory are sketch... But it's still close to the best webstore ever conceived for music. The payment processing alone is worth it. What is Faircamp in that space?


Not to diss an open source project, but Faircamp is "just" a static site generator for artists that want to showcase their music. It has no storefront, can no communicate with customers, etc. People need a lot more than a nice-looking playlist .

If you are considering an alternative for Bandcamp, may I contact you? I am working on something that I hope can both be useful for artists looking for a mor stable income stream and music listeners who want an alternative to Spotify.


If you distribute FLACs and have good musicbrainz integration (userscript or otherwise) you'll definitely have an audience on Lemmy


Any chance your project will be opensource and use activitypub?


I'm building on top of Funkwhale, so yes to both.

The instance itself is already up. To signup you need to become a member and $29/year gives you access to it, alongside with Mastodon/Lemmy/Matrix.

What I am building now is a way that will unify this with a storefront which can let people sell their music and also a way to collect donations from their fans.