NVIDIA dynamic boost wattage

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Hi, I have an Asus vivobook pro 16x oled (M7600QC) optimus laptop with a dedicated Nvidia RTX 3050 Max-Q rated 50w. When I try to use the dedicated Nvidia GPU on Linux, the wattage is only 35w. If I enable the "nvidia-powerd" daemon, it goes up to ~40w. Is there a way to raise the wattage to the rated 50w like on Windows?

I've tried the following Nvidia drivers: - 550 - 545 - 535 - 525

I've tried the following distributions: - *Ubuntu - Debian - Fedora - OpenSUSE Tumbleweed - Arch - ...

I use the laptop mainly for light gaming using Lutris with Wine-GE, 3D modelling and media consumption, thanks!

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Is there a chance that the wattage is being somehow measured differently than on windows? Maybe it doesn’t include memory power consumption or something along those lines?

Katherine [OP]

I measured the GPU wattage on linux using nvidia-smi and on Windows using GPU-Z and HWiNFO.


nvidia-smi -pl POWER

This will probably not work with recent driver versions, but might work with 525.

Dreadful6644 , edited

Also, if cpu draws too much power, you will not get the dynamic power boost. Try to limit your cpu wattage. The dynamic boost is up to 15W, depending on how much power the rest of your system uses.


You are welcome! Btw there is no question in your post. Do you have one?

Katherine [OP]

Is there a way to raise the wattage to 50w like on Windows? For some reasons, Linux only goes up to 40w instead of 50w, even with dynamic boost enabled.