Is it worth buying the Mac keyboard for a dedicated Linux PC instead of the windows one?

submitted by Artemis_Mystique

What is your personal preference based on experience? I Assume because Mac is Unix and Linux is Unix based, it would be more suited, but I have no personal experience with the layout. I am willing to try something new if i hear enough merits for it, and I also find the windows layout somewhat inadequate(The grass is greener on the other side /s)

I dailydrive Gnome, I am not a programmer, but i am a power user

(On a tangent: Why is gnome so restrictive, it feels like its missing a ton of UI features that are trivial without a boatload of 3rd party extensions that break every update; why doesn't Win+Shift+number launch a new instance, every other DE does, why doesn't it?; I don't use KDE because I just don't like it, I feel Gnome could be way more if it just natively integrated the extensions ).

aesthetically the windows key annoys me and i hate putting stickers on keyboards; I like how the mac layout looks(My very minimal experience with an in store mac-book has cautioned me away from the fisher-price OS so i don't know if it is intuitive to use)

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