OS Recommendations for 2014 MacBook Pro

submitted by Hellfire103

My grandma just gave me her old MacBook Pro (MacBookPro11,1 A1502) and, after removing a spicy pillow, air dusting everything, and copying off her old photos, I'm ready to do a clean install.

I would like to dual-boot either Linux or BSD (which will be my main partition) alongside macOS (which will be handy for testing and for use with certain peripherals; either Mavericks, High Sierra, or Big Sur).

I am already well-versed in unix-like operating systems, so I'll only start having trouble if I try to use a source-based distro (e.g. Gentoo, Source Mage, LFS, etc.)

Can I have some recommendations for the Linux and the macOS version, please?

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We tested our TROMjaro on several macbooks from 2013-2014 so we've installed some drivers for the wifi card and such. www.tromjaro.com

TROMjaro is very easy to use and we even have a Layout Switcher to make it look like MAcOS if you so like it. See the homepage where we explain it in detail.