[Solved] Problems connecting WiiMote via Bluetooth in Linux Mint

submitted by cyberwolfie

I'm trying to connect my Wiimote via Bluetooth to a new Minisforum UM690S running Linux Mint 21.3. I'm using this post from the ArchWiki as a reference, and I am fully able to do this successfully on my laptop (running Tuxedo OS 2) and another mini-PC running Pop_OS!

I use the Bluetooth Devices-menu in Linux Mint to do this. The Wiimote is discoverable, and I get a message saying it is connected. However, the four, blue LEDs keep flashing (although they keep doing so which indicates that there is some kind of connection), and it does not show up in the device list in e.g. Dolphin Emulator. I've installed xwiimote, but it is not listed when running xwiishow list. On my other machines, it instantly shows up here. I have tried this both with or without running sudo modprobe hid-wiimote prior to connection attempt.

On my other machines, it is paired immediately after trying to connect. Then only the first light is turned on, and is permanent. If I try to right-click and click "Pair", I sometimes get a prompt to authorize the device with a PIN. This results in a line in the dmesg-output that reads Bluetooth: hci0: ACL packet for unknown connection handle 3837. The ArchWiki-article says that this would indicate that the wiimote-plugin is not included in BlueZ, but I have confirmed that it is by running grep wiimote /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd which yields the output grep: /usr/lib/bluetooth/bluetoothd: binary file matches.

I am not sure where to continue troubleshooting now. Any ideas?

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