Engage with Uyuni Community Hours

submitted by Archaeopteryx


Like many open-source projects, the Uyuni Project has a long tradition of fostering community engagement and open dialogue, which is why those who are interested in configuration management should consider joining the Uyuni Community Hours scheduled for Feb. 24 at 15:00 UTC.

Uyuni Community Hours sessions take place on the last Friday of the month. The sessions offer an invaluable opportunity for both the community and the project’s development team to come together.

During these sessions, participants are presented with the latest developments surrounding Uyuni. This open forum allows the community to ask questions, provide feedback and suggest features or enhancements directly to the development team. This proactive approach helps Uyuni to evolve and align with the needs and expectations of its user base.

The session for this Friday addresses the community’s feedback and needs:

  • Meeting Migration Recap: An overview of recent changes to the meeting platform, enhancing accessibility and participation for the community.
  • What’s New in Uyuni: A detailed exploration of the latest features and improvements in the February 2024 release of Uyuni.
  • Containerized Uyuni: Release Strategy: Insights into the future of Uyuni’s deployment and management within containerized environments.
  • Uyuni Health Check: Running on top of a “supportconfig”: Introduction of a new tool designed to simplify and streamline health checks for Uyuni servers.
  • One Shot Execution of Recurring Actions: A discussion on enhancing task management and execution within the Uyuni framework.
  • Testing, Building, and Publishing the Documentation with GitHub Actions: An innovative approach to maintaining and distributing up-to-date documentation for Uyuni users and developers.

This session is accessible with a detailed agenda and is meant to keep the contributing community well-informed of upcoming topics and discussions. Whether a developer, administrator or an open-source software enthusiast, join the Uyuni Community Hours to offer valuable insights into the project’s progress and future initiatives. _

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