[Jellyfin] Announcing Finamp's Redesign Beta (v0.9.2-beta)

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Hi everyone! We're incredibly excited to announce that we're launching a beta of Finamp's redesign today. This is a major update to the app, and we're looking for feedback from anyone willing to try it out before we roll it out to everyone.

The beta is a work-in-progress, there are several new features already, but we will be adding more features over time.

Looks very nice!

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Curious if this will fix my one issue I have with Finamp.

I have some quite large playlists I'd like to listen on shuffle. Finamp doesn't do that well at all. (It seems it only shuffles what it has cached or something, as it seems to shuffle "only" the first 100 or so songs. of 3000+)

Chaphasilor [he/him]

Hi, Finamp dev here. I think there might be a "limit 100" on accident in there somewhere, since that is our default "page size", so the number of items we will fetch from the server at once.
If you don't mind, you could open an issue on GitHub or hop into the discord server so I can better keep track of it!


"Hop on the discord server".. Boooo. What happened to the good old Forum. Searchable and all.

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My issue is that I use a self signed CA, there is some progress in that area, but last time I checked not something usable on my device

Chaphasilor [he/him]

Yeah I ideally Flutter (the framework we're using to develop the app) would support this by default, but it seems like we'll have to jerryrig something...


Does importing the ca not help?


That wasn't a thing last time I tried. Is that possible now? Or do you mean for my android system? I have the CA installed on my system of course, but iirc the flutter library they use does not use the system store.


I did mean your android system. I'm not on jellyfin, yet, so not familliar with uts quirks.


The regular jellyfin app works with the system can store. This is only about finamp.


Very exciting news ! I am a daily user of Finamp and I love it.


How quick and useful is the interface compared to the regular Jellyfin app when playing music? I currently use the regular client, since I already have it installed for video content.

Ptsf , edited

If you use iOS (I can't speak for Android) it actually uses the system music apis, so things like the dynamic island, airplay, transmission of Metadata information over Bluetooth to players (name, song, etc), and background play control all work with Finamp where they don't with the regular jellyfin app.


Finamp looks like what you would expect from a music player app. It's very straight forward to browse you songs by Artists and Albums. It's easy to make playlists and queue songs ans Albums. Lastly, you can download songs and albums locally and play them offline.


Okay. I can already do that in the normal client app. But this client looks really nice and I'm glad it's a thing. :)


Thanks for posting this. I didn't know it existed.

Sunny' 🌻

Very neat! Been looking for a good alternative for Spotify for a while, I hope this can completely cure me 🙌


My issue with using jellyfin for audio probably isn't fixable by any external app, I need to be able to use the folder structure, with some content it's the only reasonable way to sort it

Until then I'll still be using plexamp for my audiodramas


Integrating Music, Video (non-movie, non-TV), Audiobooks, E-books, etc, etc, into a single UI is so problematic.

Each app I use is better at part of it.

I like Jellyfin, but it struggles as much as others. I use Mediamonkey for phone sync of Podcasts, music, and some video.

Hats off to all the devs trying to herd these cats.

Chaphasilor [he/him]

I mean as far as I know it is possible to browse the folders directly in Jellyfin, at least using the web app. There was an option for it in the settings I think. But implementing that for Finamp might be a bit harder, sorry

asexualchangeling , edited

Iirc I can browse folders in jellyfin *for videos* not for audio, I have no idea why they are different but they are


Is this Winamp for Finns or a financial amplification device?


This is Jellyfins version of Plex' Plexamp. A music player for your self-hosted media library

owen , edited

Financial amplification - in fact my bank account is no longer being drained monthly


Thank you for sharing this! I hadn't heard of this before.